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6 Reliable Portable Clothes Dryer to Make Life Easier

If you don’t have much space and the weather complicates the process of drying your clothes, probably the most convenient solution is to get a portable clothes dryer. Such an item comes in handy for people who live in an apartment, dormitory, a small rented room, etc. While a tumble dyer seems like a better alternative, the device may not only damage some clothing items but take plenty of space. That’s why let’s look at the most popular portable clothes dryers that save your time and money.

Top 6 portable dryers for your clothes

  • Makes Sentern 2.65 Cu.Ft Compact Laundry Dryer

This model has a capacity of 9 Lbs. Yet, it’s very lightweight and compact. You can take it anywhere and use it to dry a couple of clothing items at once. It’s completely user-friendly. The dryer heats up to 140 degrees which is enough to dry things like jeans, towels, etc. It’s quiet, simple, and portable. This seems like a win-win situation.

  • Panda 3200 RPM Portable Spin Dryer

Mind that this is not suitable for heavy and thick items but it’ll easily dry up smaller items. This drier is lightweight but powerful. While some users complain it’s too small, this model was initially created to dry little things like underwear, socks, summer shirts, light nightgowns, etc. Sleek design and simple maintenance make it a wonderful choice.

  • Clothes Dryer Portable Drying Rack

This model is bigger than the solutions described above. Yet, it’s foldable and convenient. This dryer lets you sanitize your clothes and dry them on the hangers. Temperature control and a special cover prevent humidity from spreading, too. It’s quiet and comes with remote control. As soon as you don’t need it, just take it apart and store it in the corner.

  • Panda Portable Ventless Cloths Dryer Folding Drying Machine

An interesting solution with an awkward design. Yet, this model can easily dry your clothes without leaving wrinkles. Panda is probably the top brand that offers plenty of solutions. This one stands out by saving your space, energy, and time. As soon as the clothes are dry, just hang it in the closet. There is even no need to iron the items.

  • KASYDoFF Clothes Dryer Portable

The model has a large capacity being able to dry up to 15 kg of clothes. There are also 12 towel bars one can use to dry towels, socks, etc. It’s a perfect solution for those who need to remove all sorts of pollen, micro-organisms, and odors, etc. Plenty of extra features and remote control make drying clothes very convenient.

  • Weekweed – Portable Folding Electric Air Drying Clothes Dryer

This portable solution usually needs as much time as a regular tumble dryer. However, it doesn’t damage clothes but delicately dries and sterilizes it. The settings offer two modes and a timer. The Weekweed is quiet and compact. However, it’s best for some relatively small items. For instance, a man’s T-Shirt won’t fit in since the model is not tall enough.

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