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A Brief Review of Southwest Recreation Center

The Southwest Recreation Center is a 14 thousand sq ft facility with astounding design. It features everything from basketball courts and cardio rooms to massage therapy and lounges. Located in Florida, millions of students have already used it.

The reopening of the center

The center was closed due to COVID-19. Now, it’s at the early stages of reopening. That’s why visitors must expect certain limitations like shorter hours, limited capacities & amenities, etc.

The center also asks people to maintain social distancing of 6 or more ft (10 ft if exercising). In order to protect the community, the center has issued a list of additional recommendations in addition to the facilities’ policies and procedures.

Visitors must cover their faces with a face mask or cloth. There’ll also be temperature screening. Before you are allowed to enter Southwest Recreation Center, you must have a temperature lower than 100.4 degrees F.

Visit the official website to get the latest updates.

What’s been opened so far

Visitor can now access the following areas:

  • Cardio levels 1 & 2;
  • Functional training area;
  • Weight room;
  • Singles badminton, pickleball, racquetball;
  • Tennis courts.

The rest of the amenities are not available.

Live monitoring the rooms

To find out more about the facility’s capacity, potential visitors may watch SW Rec cameras. They indicate how many people are already using the amenities. Keep in mind that Southwest Recreation cameras were shut down earlier. Now they operate as usual.

Get your equipment with you

If you plan on visiting the center at its early stages of reopening, you should learn what you must bring with you. It’s essential to check out this list beforehand, lest you get disappointed for wasting your time.

For now, visitors cannot use Equipment Checkout. Only singles badminton and pickleball are allowed. Aside from that, people must bring their equipment along. Take care of your weight belt, jump ropes, and other things you might need beforehand.

The facility also encourages people to stick with reusable water bottles because the water fountains won’t operate.

The advantages of using recreation facilities

The center has brought people an opportunity to improve the quality of life by maintaining fit and healthy. It provides the following advantages:

  • Little to no-cost access to valuable programs;
  • People can get fitness classes and consult a specialist on how to achieve better results in sports;
  • Using body and mind programs, people get a great opportunity to stay healthy longer;
  • Regular exercise lowers blood pressure, decreases chances of diabetes, reduces heart disease rates, etc.;
  • Sports also reduces stress which increases the quality of life;
  • Recreation centers are known to help whole families as they spend quality time together, doing fun activities in the fresh air or indoors.

Final thoughts

Although the country is getting ready to get back to normal, it’s not the best time to start neglecting COVID-19. Stay alert and safe by wearing masks, preserving social distancing, and following other requirements.

Although the SW Rec center is reopening, there are still limits to follow. Keep that in mind and bring your equipment, water, etc.

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