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Best 5 Heated Clothes Airer of 2020 in the USA

Heated clothes airer may come in handy on multiple occasions. For instance, it’s cold outside or during wet, rainy weather. An automatic tumble drier is also very convenient. However, plenty of people don’t have enough space or money. So, let’s learn more about this helpful item and go over the most popular heated clothes airers of the year.

A general overview

Heated airer uses electricity and a frame. There are plenty of advantages to getting such a household gadget. Aside from a way to dry clothes when the weather isn’t suitable, users are sure to find the following benefits:

  • It’s consistently less expensive than a tumble dryer.
  • It reduces the released moisture level preventing mold.
  • One can put it away when there is no need for it.

To pick the most reliable heated clothes airer, a person should take into account several factors. First of all, it’s better to define how much clothes you usually have to dry. Secondly, look around and find out how much space you’ve got.

Top 5 heater clothes airers you can choose from

  • Dry Soon Heated Tower Airer

This model has a 300W motor. The frame with shelves is adjusted and put in the needed position for extra convenience. A user can get up to 21m of drying are which is enough for about 15 kg clothes.

While Dry Soon airer is this big, there is no wonder it is a rather heavy model. However, it can still be moved or folded for storage. It’s a thermostatically controlled option.

  • Homefront Electric Drying Rack

One of the advantages of using this Homefront airer is a cover that comes as a part of the bundle. It contains the heat and prevents the humidity from spreading all over the house. The frame is made from aluminum. It delivers about 21 meters of space. Although it’s rather bulky, one can fold it and put away easily. Mind that it doesn’t have a timer.

  • Amos Eez-Dry Clothes Airer

The design reminds of the previously-discussed model a lot. There is one substantial difference, however. This airer comes with 1300W motor. It dries the clothes faster but consumes more energy, too. A metal frame and a plastic cover seem reliable. It’s possible to take it apart before putting away in the storage.

  • Deluxe Maxi Dry Electric Air Dryer

The airer is best suited for single people or very small families. A user can put up to 10 kg of clothes and use 900W to dry it. This model is very lightweight and compact. On the other hand, it’s a rather expensive model.

  • Fine Elements Foldable Airer

The airer has a clever design. To set it up, one needs to use several stages. This model has wings that add capacity and let the owners put up to 10 kg of clothes. It has the lowest energy consumption from this list. The manufacturer also offers a very affordable price.

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