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Fake Security Camera: To Buy or Not to Buy?

When it comes to security, some people are surprised by the selection of possibilities in the modern market. One can buy virtually any kind of security cameras and install them around the perimeter in no time. Lately, fake security cameras have become widespread. Whether to buy them remains a question. Let’s find out what they are, what they do, and whether buying them makes any sense in the article below.

What is a fake security camera?

A fake security camera is a non-functional surveillance camera that works as a decoy warning people about watching them. As a rule, such cameras are placed in the most noticeable place for others to see.

They are designed to look just like real cameras. The outside copies the appearance to the smallest detail. However, they are empty on the inside and will never work as real security.

Other names for such items can be dummy, decoy, or simulated cameras. Regardless of the name, they perform one feature, which is also arguable.

Why do people install fake cameras?H2:

Some people believe that such cameras can trick intruders, thieves, and other non-friendly people. Consequently, they prevent break-ins. Others think it’s wise to combine real and fake ones to create an illusion of better protection.

Fake security cameras can be in all shapes and sizes. There could even be a red-light dot that makes it appear more real. They are much cheaper, at least that’s what most people think.

Which cameras to purchase?

When it comes to choosing whether to purchase a fake or a real security camera, it’s better to take into account the following facts:

  • Sometimes a fake is not cheaper. There are plenty of affordable solutions that deliver real video recordings without breaking one’s budget;
  • Determining a real camera from a fake is easy, especially for those who know what to look for. Experienced burglars know the difference. Keep that in mind if you opt for fake cameras to prevent robberies;
  • There won’t be any proof a break-in even happened since fake security cameras aren’t able to prove anything;
  • Fake security cameras won’t send alerts about possible threats. They do not bring a feeling of being safe in one’s own house;
  • It won’t record the crime if it happens. Look at such cameras as fancy decorations, nothing more.

This list can go on, but the main idea is that a fake security camera will never deliver any surveillance.

Alternatives to fake security cameras

Instead of spending money on useless decoys, people could spend this amount on some real protection. The modern market has a selection of reliable options with budget-friendly price tags. Choose cheap security cameras and monitor the place 24/7.

If you are willing to spend more, look for models with HD resolution, smartphone remote control, night vision, motion detection, and other features you want.

Final thoughts

A false sense of security delivered by fake security cameras can never be the same as actual protection. Try to remain objective when it comes to protecting your home inside and outside.

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